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About admission to Long Term or Short Term Care.
Limestone Health Facility Admissions

Long Term residents or Short Term rehab patients may transfer to the Senior Rehab Center from the hospital, from another facility, or from home. Therapy begins promptly following release from the hospital, with the goal of preventing at-home accidents that can occur when they’re not strong enough for activities of daily living.

Before admission, Senior Rehab staff members will meet with the patient or with a prospective patient’s family members to explain policies and procedures and to discuss financial matters. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and private insurance. We also offer a tour of the facility and the opportunity to meet with key associates in each department.

All that’s required to begin the process is a call to the Admissions Office, (256) 232-3461. A hospital discharge planner, a referring physician, a family member or even the patient may call to inquire about admission.

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private Insurance
  • Private Pay